Pollution, Poaching, Disease

Pollution, Poaching, Disease

Any incident of pollution can have disastrous effects on our fish stocks. Should you observe any pollution in the river please telephone the Environment Agency Hotline (0800 807060) to report the incident. The number is Freephone and is a 24 hour service.  

Poaching can also have a devastating effect and can be reported to the same EA hotline.

Alternatively you can email fish.health@environment-agency.gov.uk to report incidents, but this email address is not monitored on a 24x7 basis and is therefore not recommended if we are seeking a proactive response, eg to an urgent poaching or pollution incident.

If you report any poaching or pollution, please contact the committee urgently so we can liaise with landlords and the Yorkshire Esk River Trust.

Whilst diseased fish are always seen in the river from time to time, particularly towards the end of the season, we are keen to spot the early signs of any significant outbreak of disease. If you feel that there are more than a "normal" number of diseased fish, please contact the committee immediately.  We would like the following details for each fish please:
  • Species - salmon or sea trout
  • Sex
  • Approximate weight
  • Location
  • Date and time the fish was observed

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