River Conditions

River conditions

The ways of getting information

There are a number of ways of finding out about the condition of the river.  

The committee thinks the best is the camera we have had installed this year (2017) at Egton Dam by a company called Farson.  This shows a photo of the river and is updated every 10 seconds - see the detail below.  

If you prefer, you can use the Environment Agency's gauging services which measure river height at Lealholm and Sleights.  The EA also measure tide heights at Whitby.  There are also webcams providing views of Whitby Harbour.

If you live locally, you can look at the physical gauge at Grosmont Ford.

Over the years, the Association has found that levels of 0.15m to 0.25m on the EA's Lealholm gauge and 0.6m to 0.7m on the EA's gauge at Sleights make for reasonable fishing at Grosmont.  

Here is a graph which shows the levels on the gauges at Lealholm and Sleights (called "Briggswath" by the EA) for the flood in early June 2017.  It suggests that heights on the post in the Egton camera's shot from 0.2m to 0.26m may well be good for fishing.  Please contact us is you disagree or have a refinement to add.

Our river camera 

Here is an example of what our river camera shows (this is NOT a live image - click on the image to go the live picture):

More river camera information

EFA members can use the information provided to them by email to subscribe for Farson's "pro" services for free, giving them more information and avoiding adverts. Having done so, they should read Farson's help page to see what the services can do, including: 
  • setting up a system to email you whenever the river level reaches particular levels (see the section headed "Make use of the Dashboard")
  • looking at a zoomed image of the gauge, which is updated hourly
  • looking back over time so you can see if the river is rising or falling, getting muddier, or clearing out
  • see the tide heights and times (spring tides often encourage a run of fish), rainfall up the valley and atmospheric pressure
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