Tackle Recommendations

Tackle Recommendations

Fly fishing

  • A rod between 9 foot six and 10 foot is adequate, preferably with a soft middle to tip action to control aggressive takes, absorb shock and protect leaders between 8 and 10 pounds.
  • Reels backed with a hundred yards of a minimum of twenty pound backing, as fish can grow quite large on this river and to reduce coiling of the fly line.
  • Weight forward floating fly lines between 6 and 8 depending on river conditions, and will enable roll casting which is all that is needed with tree canopy and other river obstacles.
  • A number of five foot poly leaders of different sink rates and densities, will be all you need to match river conditions.
  • Leader material - people tend to use Maxima 8lb ultra green and occasionally fluorocarbon, (but many people don’t trust fluorocarbon as it tends to snap due to poor abrasion resistance).  People may go slightly heavier in flood river conditions.
  • No one should go fishing without the means to remove a hook, so a means of hook removal such as forceps or the very effective mitten clamps remove hooks; safely and with minimal damage to our valuable fish.
  • Flies are a personal choice, though usually in summer flies that include silver, gold, black, blue, orange and yellow such as a cascade, or silver stoat in small sizes can be effective but they nee to be sparsely tyed.
  • In autumn slightly larger flies in size 10’s or small tubes can work with a bit of red, orange and gold in the pattern and little more bushy in the tying.
With thanks to Peter Robinson for the above advice!


There are a number of flotation devices available to anglers, from fishing vests that self inflate if you fall in, to versions that rely on you pulling a toggle, to inflatable life perservers and devices that do not need inflation at all.  Members are recommended to review the optoins and ocnsider the risks they face whilst on the river.


Spinning rod - you could do worse than an 8' Diawa Whisker - you want something that will flick small Mepps accurately but with enough power to play a reasonable fish.


A number of members are very impressed with MacLean nets, particularly those with built in scales. We understand that some models may also have measurements on the handle too.

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